June Journeys

Well I had hoped to get some more entries up about the American Gods project, and various spirits local to my area, but that didn’t happen before the end of May. I’ll still do a few here and there, probably, but for now I’m focusing on other things. I have a new scrying mirror I’m working on consecrating and hopefully sometime soon I can add that to my repertoire of things I do randomly for friends, like Tarot readings or Venusian love talismans.

I’m also focusing on a group endeavor called ‘Archipelago: Isles of the Wise’ which was started, you guessed it, by the inimitable Sara Mastros. You can find a link to her blog in each of the two other blog entries I’ve posted, so I’ll refrain from tagging her here, but you should go check out her work, she is knowledgeable and skilled!

The idea behind ‘Archipelago: Isles of the Wise’ is to figure out, through a combination of both historical research and other less tangible means, what sorts of secrets a series of twelve ancient islands holds, and to craft a series of ‘keys’ that unlock the power/energy of those islands in ways that are relevant to our lives here and now. The first one is the island of Delos, and I’m not going to say much about it beyond that because not only is it an ongoing project between myself and the other members of that facebook group, but also I don’t have that much to say right now, we’ll see how it all shakes out, before I comment on the details of anything.

However, I will say that I did a thing yesterday that I’ve never done before, I composed a very short (like, literally, a few seconds long) fiddle tune that should help participants in the group journey/enter trance and gain insight into the ancient cult of Carian (pre-Hellenic) Delos, before it was sacred to Apollo and Artemis.  I’m going to try my hand at journeying/trance induction and see what happens. I don’t have any experience in the world of shamanic journeying, aside from a couple guided meditations a couple years ago by Lupa Greenwolf, who does great work with Animal (and plant, etc) totems without being disturbingly appropriative about it.

So, that’s the sort of tomfoolery I’ve been up to lately, I’ll let you know how things play out. I’d love to hear what sorts of new projects you have going on, especially if you’re managing to push your boundaries with something you’re not necessarily good at or comfortable with (like me and shamanic journeying).


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