Scrying Mirror

This post is a short one, but hopefully it will be of value to someone.

I’m currently tackling the homework assignments from Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course, which I’d highly recommend, by the way.  The assignments include eight different tasks or skills to learn. One of them is consecrating a ritual tool of some sort. I considered a few options, and eventually settled on making and consecrating a scrying mirror. I purchased a convex glass clock face from a clock company, and then spray painted the ‘outside’ of it black. I’ll include the oil I’m using to consecrate it when it’s finished, but for now I feel like sharing a little poem/incantation thing I came up with to consecrate it. It’s pretty dorky, so if that’s not your bag, may as well stop reading now because it’s all downhill from here.


Black Mirror Consecration:

Sacred circle of scrying!

Your aim is to aid my understanding

Sacred circle of scrying!

You shall show me shining scenes

Mirror most magical!

Perform, at my preference, as a portal

Mirror most magical!

Reveal to my eyes and mind what I seek.


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