Ancestor Shrine

I haven’t posted on here in a while, but I solemnly swear I have been up to no good! Which, of course, means I’ve been tackling various projects and practices, some of which are relatively short-term, and some of which will most likely be ongoing for the foreseeable future, like the shiny new ancestor shrine I established in my living room.

It is very simple right now, just a white cloth I got somewhere a few years ago draped across the top of a nice sturdy cabinet my father built, (I knew he did wood-working but I had no idea how much furniture I grew up with around the house, that he had built himself! Actual sturdy beautiful, well-crafted stuff!) a pretty little ceramic candle holder I got a couple years ago at a thrift shop, and a nice glass, both of which are for offerings of light/fire and water. I have been lighting a candle for my ancestors and thanking them every night for a few nights now, and I am also asking them for help/guidance in my life, and to help me progress spiritually/magically. I also ask their assistance in making my shrine a powerful point of interaction between the physical world and their world, where we can communicate and interact more easily than usual.

I don’t have much experience with ancestral spirits, so I’m keeping it relatively vague, listing ancestors whose names I know, and also thanking/asking guidance from ancestors whose names ‘are forgotten, except in my blood’ etc… since the majority of anyone’s ancestors are long since forgotten in the particulars of their lives/identities, and yet they have all had their influence. I also include my friend who died a couple years ago, she was six months younger than me. I miss her very much and I am so glad to have called her a friend and formed the happy memories we shared together in college!

I’ve been taking a moment too, to recall how regardless of the length or content of my life story, I’ll inevitably end up as ‘an ancestor spirit’ myself, and I hope to be of service to them now, as I would like someone to build a relationship with me, if I were in their shoes. I think, I have no memory of life before my current incarnation, so maybe I wouldn’t want to have any pesky physical humans bothering me while I was preparing for my next incarnation. Regardless, I have heard such good things about forming good strong relationships with ancestral spirits and the help and support they can provide that I figured it was worth a shot. I can always stop the practice at some point in the future if I think it isn’t giving me enough return on investment of time/energy/etc, but for now it seems to be worthwhile and we’ll see if I can get good practical results, and hopefully soon what Jason Miller calls a ‘sorcerous response’ from my ancestors.

I’ve been asking them to communicate with me in my dreams, as well as in my waking life, providing me with guidance and helping me get what I need in my life. I hope that I can report back in the near future with good tales of the work my ancestors and I are doing together. I always ask that our relationship and our work be uplifting for future generations, and for all those whose lives I touch. I want very much to have a good influence on this world, I can only hope to repay the good things my ancestors did for me, each in their particular ways, to make me who I am.


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