Lucid in the Sky With Diamonds

Yesterday, okay technically today in the wee hours of the morning, I became lucid while dreaming! This is wonderful! I’ve been hoping to get the hang of lucid dreaming for a few weeks/months now, and I have been trying to remember my dreams more frequently, and also practicing reality checks throughout the day.


The first time (I became lucid at least three times, that I can recall) was when I was lying in bed facing my bedroom wall and decided to do a reality check by squeezing my nostrils shut and seeing if I could still breathe. I honestly thought something along the lines of, “I may as well do a reality check, it’ll be good practice for sometime when I’m actually dreaming,” so I pinched my nostrils with my thumb and finger. I remember being very confused. I could breathe easily, and I thought that meant that I had somehow not done the reality check properly. I kinda figured my hand might be partly asleep or something, it didn’t occur to me that I might really be dreaming at that point. I repeated the reality check and made absolutely sure that I had completely clamped my nostrils shut, and when I still could breathe easily I realized that I was in fact dreaming!


I don’t recall being shocked awake by becoming lucid, but that may have happened, I don’t remember anything after that, until the next dream sequence happened. The next dream, I also realized I was dreaming at one point while I was with a friend and we were trying to run and hide from someone who was after us.


There was another dream sequence that happened after that when I realized I was dreaming and decided to look at my hands to see how they seemed in a dream, since I had heard they can look weird. I counted I think, nine fingers total, and then I saw my right thumb ‘flickering’ in and out of existence, like a sketchy neon sign that keeps going on and off sporadically.  That was just bizarre.

In yet another dream sequence from the same night, I found that I could control my own actions but didn’t yet have control over the dream environment or other beings in it. I had to fight off monsters/bad guys while getting trained as a line cook at a weird alternate universe restaurant very similar to my workplace, but it was nighttime. I was able to control my actions at a couple points during this process, as well as deliberately manifest a weird plastic whip-thing that I used to fend off one of the ‘monsters’.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to gain more control and clarity in my dreams! I’m excited to begin this sort of thing more fully now, I’m looking forward to the potential both to have more fun, and to see just what I can accomplish in terms of spiritual and magical work in my sleep!


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